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Alien Baby Drowned by a Farmer in Metepec, Mexico

Hype: On May 11, 2007 Mario Moreno Lopez (who is in no way related to AC Slater but is actually a farmer in Metepec, Mexico) found this creature in the steel trap he had put out for his rats meaning that Mr. Lopez is used to some pretty serious f*cking rats.
He had to drown it three times in order to kill it (which really just means he only drowned it once, doesn’t it?) The creature is tiny (the farmer described as being 70 cm. long) and has an elongated head, which led to the possibility of it being an alien baby with a high level of intelligence. Skeptics stayed closer to home, calling the creature a reptile or skinned squirrel monkey to explain its tail and spine, and large head and eyes.
Mario Moreno Lopez mysteriously died in a car fire (the fire was at an unusually high temperature for a normal fire) some time after having drowned the creature, leading UFO enthusiasts to believe that the alien baby’s guardians had sought revenge against Lopez, which also begs the question: where the hell were they when it was stuck in a rat trap?
Supposedly there have been many reports of UFO sightings and mysterious crop circles in Metepec, which could just mean the locals are superstitiously making up stories and producing images and carcasses that the Weekly World News would KILL for or that an actual alien baby was left behind.
No loving little kids, no Reese’s Pieces, just huge traps and slow, unsuccessful drowning.

Reality: Mexican UFO specialist Jaime Maussan was the first to discover the story, buy the corpse off Moreno for $32,000 and say it was not a hoax, which further convinces skeptics that the so-called alien baby had been a scheme.The alien baby was investigated by History Channel’s MonsterQuest.
The Metepec creature has so far stumped scientists, who found that its teeth are not rooted like human teeth. To disprove the initial possibility that the creature was a skinned monkey, forensic scientists found that the creature still had a unique kind of tissue and had not been tampered with.

UPDATE: Looks like the weirdo who decided to take a dead squirrel-monkey, dress it in a bunch of random animal blood and say it was an alien baby finally came clean: it’s fake. He passed himself off as a veterinary assistant named Angel Palacios Nunez in the news but really was Urso Moreno Ruiz, Mario Moreno’s nephew and a taxidermist.
“I must say I didn’t claim it was real. That was Maussán who claimed it was real. He believed it. All the show was a hoax that got out of control, but after four years I’m happy to see one of my creations going around the world and through many scientists and tests and they still haven’t figured out what it is. I may have fooled science! LOL,” Ruiz said in an internet forum.
This guy will probably never get laid again.






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